Welcome to the Internet of Things’ interoperability, security and scalability enabler!

  • Expertise in open source frameworks and standards for the Internet of Things;
  • Interoperability enablers for multi-protocol, multi-systems, and cross-domains integration;
  • Control and Monitoring system with high scalability and portability capacities;
  • Cloud, web services, and applications integration;
  • IPv6, CoAP and M2M proxy for multi-protocol and legacy systems integration;
  • Automation and intelligence distribution;
  • Energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and security optimization;
  • Energy metering and smart grid demand response solutions;
  • Audio monitoring and events recognition;
  • Fleet management solutions;

Device Gateway covers a large set of application domains, including smart cities, smart buildings, smart offices, smart homes, industrial plants, energy saving, smart grid demand response management, agriculture and environmental monitoring, safety and security, smart environment for elders and people with disabilities, as well as OEM solutions. It enables both CapEx and OpEx savings and paves the way to smarter environments with improved energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and user interactions,- while ensuring security, privacy, and data ownership. 

Our mission is to enable a global, user friendly and reliable Internet of Things, and to make things work for you!

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Application domains

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