Device Gateway SA, EPFL Science Park, PSE CE, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

About Device Gateway

Device Gateway is a solution provider gathering partners with complementary expertise and experience in the Internet of Things, IPv6 and M2M technologies. After several years of cooperation in research projects, they have decided to bring their expertise together in order to develop and provide cutting-edge solutions for integrating and managing a highly scalable and heterogeneous Internet of Things. Located at Science Park of the EPFL in Switzerland, Device Gateway is headquartered in the heart of Europe in one of the world research hubs. It combines a Swiss quality approach together with a “born global” and an international cooperation culture. Its solutions are developed in close collaboration with a large network of researchers, institutions and partners from all over the world in order to develop and transform cutting edge innovations into reliable products and services.
Device Gateway develops highly innovative solutions addressing both economic and societal needs. It is committed to promote:
  • Secured, reliable and tailored solutions for its customers;
  • Privacy and personal data protection by design;
  • Energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction;
  • Environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • Smart and innovative environments;
  • Social inclusion for elders and people with disabilities;
  • Cooperation with developing countries;
  • Research and innovation;
  • Open standards.

Device Gateway benefits are mainly reinvested to support further research and development efforts, and part of them are allocated to support third parties research projects and non-for profit institutions.
Device Gateway intends to become a leading integrator, service and control provider for a growing, mobile and heterogeneous Internet of Things, through an ecosystem of complementary and interoperable solutions and services. Its mission is to enable a user friendly, trustable and highly scalable Internet of Things,- and to make things work for you!
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