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UDG Alliance

The UDG control and monitoring framework was initially developed in the frame of a Swiss research project led by a consortium of SMEs, a foundation and two academic research centres. Since then, the UDG framework has been used by several research projects. The initial partners agreed to set up the UDG Alliance as a non-for-profit association in order to support the continuous development of the framework and to maintain its consistency. By mutualizing their respective developments, the members contribute to make the framework evolve while maintaining it consistent and stable. The UDG Alliance is also engaged in supporting research projects on a case per case basis.
Device Gateway is a founding member of the UDG Alliance. As such, it has accepted to host and support the UDG Alliance secretariat.
The UDG Alliance intends to:
  • Support research activities;
  • Maintain a consistent and updated UDG framework made available to research projects of its members;
  • Coordinate and mutualise the further development of the UDG framework;
  • Promote the interoperability in the Internet of Things and the use of technology for sustainable development.