Device Gateway SA, EPFL Science Park, PSE CE, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Fleet management

In partnership with Dunavnet, Device Gateway provides a complete solution for fleet management, with the following features:
  • Trajectory and location monitoring
  • Speed monitoring and speed limit respect monitoring
  • Oil consumption monitoring
  • Work hours monitoring
Fleet management
The FleetNET system is an easy to install and maintain system that provides a range of features required for efficient management of a fleet of vehicles. It is a flexible system, configurable according to the needs of each customer. FleetNET System provides the vehicle tracking and monitoring of vehicle parameters (speed, fuel level, engine temperature). The monitoring device is small and can be easily and quickly installed in the vehicles. It uses state-of-the-art GPRS and GPS components to ensure high performance and comes with all required cables.
The back-end server is cloud based and does not require any installation or maintenance by the customer. The FleetNET management application is available via any web browser, from any computer connected to Internet. The following data is collected from the vehicle, analysed and presented by the FleetNET system:
  • position – latitude and longitude
  • altitude
  • direction
  • speed (km/h)
  • engine speed
  • ignition on/off
  • fuel level (L)
  • total fuel used (L)
  • battery (V)
  • driver identification
FleetNET Features
The main features of the system are the following:
  • Visualisation of the current position of any vehicle
    Vehicle Position
  • Detailed history of vehicle movement with fuel consumption analysis
    Vehicle Movement History
  • Routing – setting allowed routes for different vehicles
  • Geofencing – setting allowed and forbidden zones
  • Alarms administration – setting the events that triggers the alarms and setting the system behaviour for each type of incident
    • Vehicles deviating from a defined travelling route
    • Long stoppage times
    • Warnings regarding the duration of driving (safety legislation)
    • Geofencing violations
    • Speed limit violations
    • Detected alarms triggers sending SMS/email to predefined personnel
  • Compliance with the traffic safety legislation
    Adaptable to legislation in a specific country
    Country Legislation
  • Detection of sudden acceleration and breaking
  • Various reports, configurable according to the requirements of the customers
  • Displayed data and reports exportable to Excel file format
  • Drivers management and identification
  • User administration – different access rights to different features and different vehicles
  • Customer management – definition of delivery destinations and shipment tracking
  • Web-based management application accessible from any computer
FleetNET Additional Features
The additional features that are available for the FleetNET system:
  • Support for connection to CAN-bus for monitoring of a range of parameters available from the board computer
  • Possible addition of various sensors
  • Optional monitoring of GPRS data consumption to avoid unexpected costs
  • Scalable and extendable solution – number of tracked vehicles easily expanded and integrated
  • Integration with existing IT solution for automatic Work Order administration – work order creation, tracking and maintenance
  • Any other integration with existing IT system requirement can be discussed and implemented
FleetNET Benefits
The FleetNET system provides important benefits:
  • Reduced fuel costs – by eliminating wistful idling, speeding and unauthorized usage
  • Improve fleet safety – by monitoring driving behaviours
  • Greener fleet – reduce carbon footprint by eliminating idling and inefficient driving behaviours
  • Theft recovery – alerts and maps help to proactively identify the theft of a vehicle and locate it