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Integration and interoperability – integrate, extend, manage, automate and save

The UDG technology enables the integration, control and monitoring of smart things using heterogeneous communication protocols. It enables a global, highly scalable and ubiquitous integration of IoT, anticipating a exponentially growing Internet of Things (IoT) with 50 Billion connected devices by 2020. It is fully IPv6-compliant and cloud computing oriented, enabling high scalability of controlled devices, ubiquitous access, cross-domain interactions and interoperability, as well as cloud computing integration of smart things. It turns interoperable all sorts of communicating devices; simplifying the integration of various systems together, with many costs saving opportunities. It can be deployed on all sorts of hardware and coupled with cloud-based services for many application domains such as: M2M integration, automation, smart cities, smart buildings/offices/homes, energy efficiency (with demand response), safety and security, comfort and accessibility, environment monitoring, agriculture, etc.

Interoperability enabler with over 40 communication protocols and unprecedented freedom to mix and integrate all sorts of devices, products, systems and solutions together, such as: IPv6, IPv4, CoAP/CoRE, 6LoWPAN/RPL, KNX, BACnet, ZigBee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Modbus, NFC, RFID, DALI, M-Bus, oBIX, X10, GSM/GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, UPnP, DLNA, EnergyWise, SenML, ISA100.11a, WirelessHART, etc.
IPv6 and Scalability enabler: UDG is designed for high scalability. It uses IPv6 with its 667’126’000’000’000’000 unique addresses per square millimeter of the Earth surface, and its powerful mechanisms such as address auto-configuration (easier deployment), multicast and any-cast.
IPv6 and Scalability
Proxy for simple integration: UDG is fully compliant with IPv6 and Machine to Machine (M2M) protocols. It can be used as a proxy representing each device with a unique address through a unified interface, regardless of its native communication protocol.
Applications and web services integrator with multi-systems integration, cross-domain interactions, and third parties applications, SaaS and web services such as EPCIS, Google applications, Energy market price, and many others.
Online services and Cloud Software as a Service with online services such as control and monitoring, security, maintenance, mobile device tracking, data storing, analytics and reporting.
Easy control and monitoring with a user-friendly interface enabling to remotely control all your devices from anywhere at any time, from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Its multilingual interface includes graphs, geo-localization on Google map, alerts management, etc.
Portability and Intelligence distribution: UDG supports can execute all sorts of rules, algorithms and scenarios. As UDG is easily portable on various hardware (from Raspberry-Pi to routers and servers), you can deploy various interconnected UDG across your whole network for intelligence distribution, resulting in the absence of bottlenecks and unique point of failure.
Strong security and authentication mechanisms, including IPSec, SDNS, DTLS.
Ease of deployment, of use and modularity
Save costs and energy with direct returns on investments: UDG enables up to 40% energy saving in buildings. By enabling the combination of various systems and products, it reduces deployment costs and eases systems evolution. By integrating various application domains together (energy, security, comfort), it saves investment (CapEx) and maintenance costs (OpEx), enabling a rapid return on investment.
Proxy for simple integration
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