Device Gateway SA, EPFL Science Park, PSE CE, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

IPv6, CoAP and M2M proxy

Device Gateway provides a cost effective solution to integrate all sorts of heterogeneous systems and communicating devices in IPv6 and M2M platforms. It provides a unique IPv6 and M2M proxy enabling bi-directional interactions between non-IP systems and IPv6 or M2M standards. Each devices gets it own and unique IPv6 and/or M2M address. This approach provides several advantages:
  • Extended freedom of choice: by enabling you to mix and combine all sorts of products together;
  • Cost-effective: no need to replace your existing deployments and possibility to chose among a larger set of products by combining and mixing different families of products;
  • Flexible and modular integration: you can implement a smooth and progressive integration plan;
  • Subsystems compliant: enabling sub-systems to work as usual with their respective communication protocols;
  • IPv6 benefits: including end-to-end secured and highly scalable device connectivity;
  • Simpler interaction: one protocol and one API to access all sorts of heterogeneous systems and devices;
  • Easier M2M integration: including with mature and emerging M2M standards such as: CoAP, 6LoWPAN, LWM2M, oneM2M, ISA100.11a, Wireless HART, Modbus, EnergyWise
IPv6 Proxy