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UDG for Smart Cities

UDG provides a perfect solution for smart cities project. It has been designed to handle large scale deployments with heterogeneous IoT systems. By enabling different classes of IoT devices, sensors and actuators into a common data plane, UDG highly simplifies the management of such deployments. It enables to save cost and time, and increase reliability:

Value Proposition:
  • Interoperability, legacy integration and increased reliability By enabling a wide interoperability with over 40 standards and communication protocols, UDG enables a smooth integration of legacy systems and transition towards new technologies.
  • Cross systems integration and simplification UDG enables the integration of heterogeneous systems and IoT technologies into a common data plane that enables to brings together all sorts of data in real time. It enables to develop cross-domain applications and a centralized control and monitoring of your deployed IoT systems. This leads to a simplified maintenance with substantial cost savings.
  • Cost saving By gives access to a larger offer in terms of solutions and suppliers, UDG enables a more open competition with reduced cost and a richer offer in terms of functionalities. It also enables smart cities to adopt and reuse a large set of applications and solutions developed by other smart cities at a very low cost. UDG is a source of both capital and operation expenditure savings.
  • Increased reliability By enabling extensive interoperability, UDG enables smart cities to avoid vendors lock-in. It increases the reliability by easing the adoption of alternative solutions and technology providers. It is more reliability and cost saving through competition.
  • Compliance with present and future solutions for smart cities UDG is a certified FIWARE solution, fully interoperable with OASC API, oneM2M, LWM2M, CoAP, MQTT, and other protocols. UDG Alliance is a partner of the European Large Scale Pilot on Internet of Things for Smart Cities (Synchronicity), where it will lead the development of the European market place for smart cities IoT solutions. It is also in the core group developing the Urban Platform of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC).A guarantee that UDG technology will be compliant with emerging technologies, applications and platforms for smart cities.
  • Real Time Data Monitoring UDG enables smart cities to benefit from customized graphical user interfaces and applications with real time monitoring of their environment and better services for their citizens.
  • Data sharing and comparison Thanks to a close integration with the main stream European smart cities frameworks and platforms for IoT management, UDG ease the data sharing, data comparison and benchmarking among cities.
  • Privacy by Design UDG has been designed to fully comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and benefits from several research projects in this domain. It is also working on close collaboration with top European experts to deliver fully privacy by design solutions.

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