Device Gateway SA, EPFL Science Park, PSE CE, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Solutions and services

Device Gateway provides solutions and services designed to manage a highly scalable Internet of Things for many application domains such as: M2M integration, automation, smart cities, smart buildings/offices/homes, energy efficiency (with demand response), safety and security, comfort and accessibility, environmental monitoring, agriculture, etc. It provides both B2B (including OEM) and B2C solutions compliant with high scalability and security requirements.

Integration and interoperability for heterogeneous IoT and systems

Device Gateway supports the development of the Universal Device Gateway (UDG) technology: a highly scalable, portable and secured multi-protocol control and monitoring solution. It provides interoperability with over 40 communication protocols, with an unprecedented freedom to mix and integrate all sorts of devices, products, systems and solutions together, including cross-domains interactions. It is IPv6 based and ease the integration with all sorts of applications, web services and cloud based software as a service (SaaS). Its architecture enables a simpler and more scalable management of all sorts of deployments, with the possibility to distribute the intelligence and automation across the whole platform. Have a look at the short animation and consult our dedicated page to learn More

IPv6, CoAP and M2M proxy – easy legacy integration

Device Gateway provides proxy solutions to ease the integration of all kinds of protocols into IPv6 and M2M environments. More

Cloud and on-line services

Device Gateway provides you a highly scalable cloud-based platform to monitor, control and manage your sensors and actuators, coupled with on-line services. More

Energy monitoring and demand response solutions

Device Gateway provides customized solutions to meter and monitor your energy consumption, including granular monitoring and electricity signature recognition, as well as demand-response-solutions to dynamically adapt your energy consumption to energy dynamic pricing. More

Audio monitoring

Device Gateway provides customized solutions for audio monitoring, enabling among others:

  • Identification of audio events, such as human activity, distress signals, broken glass, smuggler presence, taggers activity, etc.
  • Audio commands, enabling the users to interact with their environment through vocal commands
  • Human density evaluation to assess the number of people present in a room More
Fleet management solution

Device Gateway provides a powerful solutions for fleet management enabling remote vehicles monitoring, including speed, trajectory, work hours, energy consumption, etc. More

Value proposition

Based on the combination of complementary expertise and cutting-edge technologies, discover our unique value proposition

SAVE COSTS AND ENERGY WITH DIRECT RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS Device Gateway solutions enable up to 40% energy saving in buildings. By enabling the combination of various systems and products, we reduce deployment costs and ease systems evolution. By integrating various application domains together (energy, building automation, security and comfort), we save investment (CapEx) and maintenance costs (OpEx), enabling direct returns on investment.
Let things work together! Let things work for you!